Next week – 4/1 – we start the “Peak Season” schedule, as follows:

5:45-7:00 Gentle Yoga for Queers and Misfits
7:15-8:45 Regular, “Blast It Out” Yoga for Queers and Misfits

Please update your calendar, iPhones, datebooks, carrier pigeons, alarms, etc etc.
And remind your kindred Queers and Misfits.

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Open to Grace

Tomorrow at Align and Shine.
Durham Yoga Company, 10:30a-12pm.

I feel humbled and honored to receive so much love, compassion and patience from the people in my life right now. Doors and spaces and possibilities are opening and expanding in so many ways. It is a powerful and potent time (on so many levels – check this out if you wanna learn more!)

My work in the process is to be open; not to be distracted by questions or judgement, not to be incredulous or skeptical, not to hold my breath and wait for the other shoe to drop.

Oh no. This time is about building the container to hold the Shakti. It is about doing my absolute best from moment to moment to stay an open, willing, and receptive vessel for the creative power of the Universe to work Its magic.  But I have to make the choice: I have to keep the doors to my heart open. I have to keep an attentive ear to the song of my heart.  And I have to be as patient and loving towards myself–when I inevitably forget, close down, fall short–as the Universe is towards me, in the form of those around me who are holding me with love and patience.

This work of healing, of consistently wiping the mirror of my consciousness clean of the specks of illusion which block me from seeing my own true nature, it is no joke. It is the work of a lifetime (possibly more than one…) and it is work that I want to do. It is a freedom that I want for myself. It starts by being Open to Grace. From moment to moment. Breath to breath.

Being open to healing, true freedom, and abundance.

Like I said, the work of a lifetime.

This weekend!

Hi friends, there is no regular Yoga for Queers and Misifts class tonight, but there is this SPECIAL EQUINOX celebration! (My Saturday class IS happening).

solstice for queers at ADFEquinox for Queers:
A New Yoga for Queers and Misfits Tradition
Welcome Spring/Celebrate the Astro New Year in Queer-and-Misfit Style!

Sunday, 03/22/15 from 4:30-6:30pm
Suggested $20 – Everyone Welcome – Paypal Accepted
RSVP – Not required, but very helpful!

Welcome in the atrological new year and honor some of the powerful cosmic shifts happening!
Please join kindred Queers and Misfits for an all-levels ceremonial celebration of the coming of Spring!
Engage in Community Building and Community Healing while practicing All-Levels, Life-Affirming Yoga with Queer, Gender Non-Conforming, Counter-Cultural, Hairy-Bodied, & otherwise ‘Othered’ folks.

Please RSVP for Equinox for Queers, held at the beautiful ADF dance studio pictured here.


Go here for more info.
Go here to RSVP –not required, but very helpful!