Hasta Pronto – See You Soon

There will be no Wednesday night Yoga for Queers class this week or next 11/25 or 12/2.  I’ll be back on December 9th ready to rock out the last few weeks of the year with you.

Also, there’s still a few spaces in my upcoming Chakra Intensive on Monday nights in January and February, but I’m capping enrollment at 12 participants so act now if you want to join me for this special opportunity to dig deeper into the chakras.

I *will* be teaching my Saturday class as usual this week, on 11/28, so please join me for that at 10:30 am at Durham Yoga Company.

In the meantime, please Save the Date for these upcoming events!

solstice2015Save the date for our seasonal time for holding space –
Sunday, 12/20 from 4:30-6:30. 
This will be the end of Yoga for Queers until January 6th, 2016.

Also take note of these important upcoming dates:

Wed 11/25 and 12/2 – No Yoga for Queers and Misfits
Wed 12/9 and 12/16 – Yoga for Queers is BACK ON!
Sun 12/20 – Solstice for Queers, 4:30-6:30 at ADF.
Wed 12/23 and 12/30 – Happy Holidays – No Yoga for Queers and Misfits
Wed 1/6 – Happy New Year – Yoga for Queers is BACK ON!

Join me for Align and Shine yoga on Saturdays from 10:30a-12p at DYCo:
Sat 11/28 – Shine on with me!
Sat 12/5 – I have a sub! (Subs are teachers too!)
Sat 12/12 and 12/19 – I’m back – let’s do it!
Sat 12/26 – Happy Holidays – no class with me!
Sat 1/2 – Special New Years combo class with Mira.
Sat 1/9 – Normal classes resume!

And don’t forget, starting on Monday, January 11, I’ll be offering another weekly, all-levels class from 5:45-7pm at the ADF Building on Broad St. Details to come, but start blocking out your Monday nights now – Chakras are coming!

This week: Resilience

In my classes this week: Wednesday and Saturday

Theme for this week: Resilience

I’ve been meditating on resilience this week for a few reasons.

First, perhaps obviously, I have been spiritually flattened by the wave of violent attacks that the world has suffered this week – not just in Paris, but also in Beirut, Baghdad, and–as ever–Gaza.  My heart hurts and my head does not understand.  While some on social media seem to share my confusion, pain, and sadness, overall engaging with the digital world has been an overwhelming prospect.  I have appreciated the calls that many have made to actually take a step back from the barrage of information and go a different route, including this one.  I took that advice and reached out to an old friend last night. It was indeed like balm for my spirit, and interrupted the seemingly endless cycle of hopelessness, anger, and despair that I had been cycling through.

I am also thinking about resilience because this is Transgender Awareness Week (or month, for some) and Friday is Transgender Day of Remembrance, an annual time to honor the known/documented cases of trans folks who lost their lives due to homophobic and misogynist violence in the past year.  This year has been devastatingly brutal for trans people, especially trans women of color and trans young people, of whom we have lost so many to transphobic violence and suicide.  While there has definitely been an increase in awareness and visibility for some, that has not translated to greater safety or liberation for all.  So we must renew our efforts to work for collective liberation while our trans kin are still alive.  To that end, check out this amazing national art collaborative featuring powerful and life-giving images of trans folks that should lift us all up!

B. Parker for BreakOUT! of New Orleans, LA

B. Parker for BreakOUT! of New Orleans, LA

For all those whose names and stories are known, we know that so many more go unreported.  We hold them all in our hearts.  This week and, hopefully, always.

This week’s classes will be devoted to holding space for mourning and resistance, for sadness and maybe even some hope, as we reflect on our own resilient nature – our own capacities to keep showing up, to keep living and loving with open hearts when open hearts can so easily be broken by the pain of the world.


org2020flyerAdditionally, I am holding a special TEACHER APPRECIATION fundraiser class to honor the important work of the Organize 2020 caucus of the NC teacher’s union, who have been working tirelessly to support and defend public education in the face of increasing hostility and underfunding.  If you can, please come out this Sunday 11/22 from 1:30-3 and show your love for their hard work – knowing that people have your back contributes greatly to a sense of resilience when you’re in the midst of a tremendous struggle.  Let’s show up for all the teachers and show them our love.  More info here and here.


On a final note, we’re looking at resilience because we’ll need some of that during the next few weeks as I take TWO WEEKS off of teaching my Wednesday class. Next week is Thanksgiving week, so no class the night before. And the following week I’ll be at my yoga and social justice training.  We’ll resume regular Wednesday classes on December 9th and 16th, then wrap up the Yoga for Queers season on Sunday, December 20th with our seasonal celebration SOLSTICE FOR QUEERS. Save the date! That will be it until Wednesday, January 6th.

I will be teaching my Saturday classes during most of those weeks, so you can join me there – all upcoming Saturdays except December 5th.



This week: Taking the Plunge

In my classes this week: Wednesday and Saturday

Theme for this week: Taking the Plunge

Today’s new moon in Scorpio is an invitation to go deep and truly tap into our unlimited creative potential.

A new moon in Scorpio* is raw power. A new moon in Scorpio introduces us to ours. A new moon in Scorpio comes with an air of intensity and asks us what we might put the pedal to the metal for. A new moon in Scorpio strips us down and demands that we claim what we are at the core.” – Chani Nicholas

It’s time to cross over – time to stop teetering on the edge of the precipice and take the plunge. Time to really go for it, to follow your heart to its full and courageous end. It is only scary if you don’t trust what’s in your heart – if you don’t trust in your own inherent goodness and in your own expansive nature. Every choice is a risk and in the choice that you make to follow your heart is the risk that you will be forever changed because of it.

Tonight’s practice is about getting comfortable in the dark, and going deep. What is locked up within that needs to be liberated? Where can you mine stagnant energy and free it up to use in service of something greater? This is not a time for casual endeavors: your life and this planet cannot take any more haphazard behavior. It’s time to get serious. Take your commitment to your heart to the next level. Take the plunge.

I will see you there.


TOMORROW! Celebration + Fundraiser

The SILENT AUCTION is live. Head on over to the Facebook event page!
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Bidding closes tomorrow, 11/8 at 3:45 Eastern.

See Special Events for complete details.

 ustrasana memA Celebration of Community Healing and Leap Taking

Sunday November 8 from 1-4pm
The Vault, 1104 Broad St., Durham

Yoga class, Community Art-Making, Silent Auction – See schedule here.

Donate now via Paypal.  // Donate $50 via Paypal // Donate $25 via Paypal //
Donation $15 via Paypal // Donate $5 via Paypal.

Come celebrate FIVE YEARS of community-supported yoga with me!

What’s the title all about?
5 / 500/ 1500 / 2500 is in the spirit of:

  • Celebrating my 5 years as a community-based healing artist in Durham,
  • Help me reach 500 likes for Yoga for Queers and Misfits on Facebook.
  • Help me raise the $1500 I need to get to travel 2500 miles away on a pilgrimage to attend a Yoga + Social Justice Leadership training with the international organization Off the Mat, Into the World.

Donate now via Paypal.  // Donate $50 via Paypal // Donate $25 via Paypal // Donate $15 via Paypal // Donate $5 via Paypal.

See Special Events for complete details.

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This week: Self-Compassion + Five Years!

Don’t forget: this weekend is the big celebration and fundraiser! Click the image at right or go here for more info.

self-compassionIn my classes this week: Wednesday and Saturday

Theme for this week: Self-Compassion

How collective is your vision of liberation? 

If your work for justice does not include you, how inclusive is it?

If your compassion does not include yourself, is it complete?

If you are not around to celebrate the liberation you seek—because you’re too stressed out/burned-out/tuned-out to be present to it—is that truly the liberation you’re building towards? 

I’ve been sitting deeply with these questions as I reflect on the ways that I have internalized some cripplingly-high standards for myself and some utterly unreasonable expectations for what I should accomplish in my life. I have been feeling much more like my own worst enemy when I’d rather be my own best friend. This is not what I want for myself, and not what I want for you.

I want you to know this: you have the right to know that you are valuable no matter what you are doing, how much you are hustling, how productive you are being…you have a right to be a part of the justice, healing, and transformation that you are working to create for others. You have a right to deep breaths and deep rest.  I believe that this is as essential to the work of collective liberation as is advocacy work, anti-oppression work, and direct action.

When you treat yourself with love and kindness and compassion, not only do you teach other people how to treat you, but you have a direct, lived experience of what love, kindness, and compassion truly feel like. Which can better inform all your choices in life, as you become more and more comfortable with relationships that are shaped by love, kindness, and compassion. You find a home there. You can be free there.

I hope I see you on the mat this week, to infuse all this space we’ve been exploring these past few weeks with the potent power of self-compassion. Until then…