This week: Discernment

Friends, I am migrating my yoga promotions and other work over to my new site Liberation Healing Arts.  Please hop on over there and sign-up to receive blog posts right in your inbox.

In class this week: Saturday 10:30a – 12p at Durham Yoga Company.


live up to the spiritIt has been said that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. While I appreciate the sentiment behind this, I actually think this notion is a trap and I’m afraid I’ve been falling into a bit these days. The truth is, realizing your potential does take work. And “doing what you love” does not always “pay off” – especially in the context of what bell hooks calls the white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy.
Doing what you love takes commitment, devotion, and discernment. Discernment is a process of deep and intentional listening, toward the end of receiving clarity about a particular question. The question can be anything of significance.  (Go here to see the whole post.)

fall-offerings-full-sheetDon’t forget I have a number of upcoming offerings designed to help support the work of deep listening and deep commitment for the long haul.

Up next: another mini-retreat devoted to sustainability, and a whole weekend-long exploration of yoga + social justice.
It’s all here. Check it out.

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