3. I am not flexible. Can I do yoga?

In short, yes.

Yoga is a physical and spiritual practice in self-knowledge. Yoga has something to offer everyone, regardless of the level of flexibility, amount of typical physical activity, height or weight, or perception of physical fitness.

In other words, yoga is for you no matter how flexible or inflexible you think you are…or whether you think of yourself as “healthy” or “unhealthy”…or if you have been told you are athletic or not.

Yoga is for you if you decide it’s something you want to try, something you want to devote yourself to.

Choosing to engage in the physical practice of yoga (asana/postures) is a choice that only you can make, and will offer you opportunities to expand and grow and reflect and open and be quiet and move and be still. Often the practice of yoga leads to an increase in one’s sense of their own physical strength and capacity, as well as an increase in physical flexibility.

However, the physical components of the practice are only one part. Often people choose to stick with yoga because of the impacts it can have on one’s sense of their mental health, inherent goodness, right to vitality, and ability to contribute to healing and liberation.

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