Heart and Heat Warrior Camp

Monday – friday June 10-14, daily 7-8:30 am

$65 for the whole session, including AYURVEDIC diet and lifestyle consultation support throughout the week.

Drop-ins welcome at typical drop-in rates.
Sliding scale and work-trade options available, please contact Patty directly

Join Patty for this week of firey and energizing morning practices designed to help you build heat in your body and focus in your mind as you commit yourself fully to the work of your heart. Patty will be on the mat, practicing the yoga alongside you! All levels welcome.

While this series is open to everyone, it will be especially helpful for anyone trying to get (back) on a healthy exercise and nutrition regimen, and special attention will be paid to those for whom daily, rigorous exercise is both the healthiest option and sometimes the hardest choice. Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle support will be available to those who commit in advance to the whole week.

More on the Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle Support Offered

Ayurveda (AIY-yer-VEH-dah) is the “science of life,” the medicine of India practiced for millenia. Its wisdom in understanding and bringing harmony and balance to the whole person is unparalleled. Patty is lucky enough to be apprenticing under a local Ayurvedic practitioner with more than 30 years of experience in the study and practice of this healing art.

For those who commit in advance to the whole week of Warrior Camp, Patty will offer concrete diet and lifestyle choices to complement your yoga practice and help amplify the cleansing and empowering benefits of the camp.

Additionally, those who commit to the whole week are eligible for a reduced rate on an initial Ayurvedic consultation with Patty, the first step to beginning or continuing to refine your diet and lifestyle choices in order to balance your system and enjoy optimal health and long life.


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