Thai Bodywork

Update: I am done with school and taking a limited number of private clients for Thai Bodywork.  Contact me to explore scheduling. In the meantime, come to my classes!



Click here to see a video with general examples of the techniques.

My preferred modality is a 90 minute session, for which the sliding scale is: $50-150. For other session lengths and more info, please contact me. Cash, Personal Check, or Paypal accepted.

Go here for more on Sliding Scale.

Contact me to schedule your appointment today: DurhamBodyworkandYoga[at]

> > Past THAI BODYWORK clients of mine have said:

“It’s like simply receiving love for an hour and a half.”

“A miracle!”

“One of the most exquisite physical experiences of my entire life!”

“You’re a natural.  You’ve found your calling in life…”

“It helped me greatly in calming my trauma symptoms and relaxing physically and emotionally.”

“I feel both relaxed and energized.”

> > What is THAI BODYWORK?

In this method, which can be described as “assisted yoga,” the recipient is fully-clothed and supine on a Futon style mattress on the floor.  For 60-90 minutes, the therapist works to assist in the opening, stimulation, relaxation and release of the body using a variety of techniques including stretching, working energy lines, traction, and other techniques from physical therapy, acupressure, and somatic therapy. The recipient is not required to exert any effort, and instead is invited to relax deeply.  Falling asleep is common and completely acceptable.

The result is both a profound state of relaxation as well as total renewal of the body’s energies.
Click here to see a video with general examples of the techniques.

> > Who can benefit from THAI BODYWORK?

  • Anyone seeking a reduction in the harmful effects of stress
  • Anyone with acute or chronic pain
  • Anyone seeking relaxation, healing, renewal
  • Anyone suffering from symptoms or effects of trauma
  • Anyone who just wants to give themselves the gift of a new, healing and liberating experience

> > What does THAI BODYWORK require?

Please consider the following recommendations:

  1. Come early, well-hydrated and ready to completely disconnect from your daily life, including shutting off/setting aside your cellular phone and leaving behind anything else which would prevent you from entering fully into the experience. It is recommended to eat at least one hour before your session, but not within an hour of your appointment. (Ie Eat well a few hours before your session, but fast for the hour preceding your appointment time.)
  2. Wear comfortable, loose clothing of natural material.  NOTE: Please wear long pants, not shorts.
  3. Bring a change of clothes, since it is possible that you may sweat during the session and may want to change/freshen up afterward.
  4. To the extent possible, try to leave the space of at least an hour after the session to recover and assimilate the benefits.  The more free time you allow after the session, the greater the integration of the benefits you will enjoy.

> > Questions? Consultations? Concerns?

I would gladly answer any question, consultation or concern you might have.
Please contact me directly via email at liberationhealingarts[at]

All Photos taken in Thailand


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